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“ Today, you need a technology-led business strategy, not a business strategy supported by technology. ”

Krish Krishnakanthan

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Kuala Lumpur Tech City matches the best talent in Malaysia with the best talent in the world.

The leading tech community in the region

Seamlessly bridging Asia, Middle East and Africa using the Industry 4.0 knowledge economy based on artificial intelligence, blockchain with a focus on healthcare, fintech, creative industries and tourism - the technology trends of our generation and the next.

Developing the tech ecosystem and making Kuala Lumpur truly home to globally competitive talents

Kuala Lumpur Tech City offers the perfect enabling environment for over a million companies with a mix of industries.


9% of Kuala Lumpur startups immediately target the US or UK market. 13% intend to eventually go after global markets.


Be part of a vibrant like-minded community of knowledge and innovation driven tech businesses.

Our Offerings

To meet the diverse needs of today’s modern businesses, Kuala Lumpur Tech City offers a range of commercial spaces, facilities, business services and more.

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